The Second non-fiction collection

The seventeen pieces in Jude Joseph Lovell's second collection of nonfiction writing deepens his inquiries into the things that matter to him most: family, faith, and popular art. A series of book and film reviews written for a small magazine in his home state of Pennsylvania charts the development of his emerging critical voice. "Upon This Rock" offers a compelling portrait of a hard-working band and wonders about the similarities between rock n' roll shows and church services. "4F" reflects on a childhood played out across the backyard gridiron as well as around the altar. And in the powerful title essay, Lovell strives to breach the lines between Heaven and Earth to pursue a further connection with the father he lost - only to discover that the reverse is already happening.


Diverse, humorous, and poignant by turns, THE INTERCESSIONS is a wide-ranging examination of those things that give our busy lives color and meaning. 


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​For readers craving a wild ride that's one-third thriller, one-third dark comedy, and one-third existential ramble - with a fuel injection of Metallica's Master of Puppets - DeliverMe is your destination!!!




​BLUE SIX is Jude Joseph Lovell's self-published fiction debut, a unique hybrid of a novel that combines aspects of military fiction, science fiction, and literary fiction.




FOREVER VOYAGING is a unique narrative about one man's determination to understand and learn from one of America's literary masters - a startling brew of armchair criticism, literary memoir, and creative manifesto.  

​ONLY THE DYING is a planned two-novel historical fiction saga based on the author's paternal grandparents. BOOK 1-THE WIDOW'S PRAYER depicts young Walter & Greta Brogan trying to establish a new life in rural Indiana before the Depression.




RANDOM SAMPLES, a labor of love, is a compelling nonfiction book that stands as both a tribute to a great rock n' roll band and a thoughtful examination of how art adds clarity and meaning to our complicated lives. 

In A FEW WORDS BEFORE YOU GO, ​Jude Joseph Lovell turns his gaze towards three subjects of great importance in his life: books, music, and family. This cohesive and thoughtful essay collection is Lovell's most personal book to date. 

​CROWNING is Jude Joseph Lovell's second story collection, filled with six rich & diverse tales that are by turns surprising and compelling.




In his first novel for younger readers, Jude Joseph Lovell has written an exciting epic about finding the courage to face down your fears, sustain your losses, and rise.

Jude Joseph Lovell's debut short story collection contains ten bold stories that examine the fragility of our current existence - and our faith in the one beyond.


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