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"In his latest work, DeliverMe, Jude Joseph Lovell shows growth by harnessing his writing influences like Stephen King and others to deliver a fun mystery thriller that you won't put down......You won't see the end coming, but it's satisfying when it lands on you. A terrific, provocative read by an author whose work continues to impress." - Judge Mike E., U.S. 151st District Court, Bellaire, TX

"Awesome novel.  I liked the length.  [It] kept a good pace and I was definitely into it.  Definitely the best [of Lovell's books] that I have read." - Duane W., Cleveland, OH

"A dark night of the soul, [a] night train, twisting and turning through the NEVER!! You will pinch yourself, and those around you, IF you make it out alive!! Hold on to your hat, as well as your mortal soul!!!" - Chris B., St. Louis, MO

"If you like thrill rides, this book is for you. It is an incredibly fast-paced adventure, following a main character who is not at all prepared for what happens to him but must find some way to survive what occurs. I could not put this book down. I tried to a few times, but always wanted to get to the next chapter. The story has so many twists and turns it is almost impossible to keep up with, and it is utterly unpredictable. The author has hit on an exciting, unique concept for a thriller to begin with and follows through with style. Someone should definitely make a mini-series or a movie out of this - I would pay good money to see that. If you want to have some fun and enjoy a rush of adrenaline - this is the story for you!" - Luke L., Cincinnati, OH



"If you're a fan of Rush and you haven't read this book, then you're no ran of Rush." - Mike B., Davenport, IA

"I ate up this book like a bag full of Halloween candy ... I HIGHLY recommend digging into this book that is written by a hugely passionate fan of this enduring progressive rock trio from Toronto.​" - Chris B., St. Louis, MO

"[An] interesting and personal response to Rush .... well executed." - J. Ottinger, Youngsville, NC

Blue Six

"Filled with very funny and vivid scenes of Army life ... Clearly Jude Lovell has spent time in Fort Benning, Georgia (like my husband and I have). Army infantry and military literature readers will get a kick out of the setting and story-line. The details are incredible and the scenes of young 2nd Lt cluelessness are excruciatingly funny." - Siobhan Fallon, author of You Know When the Men Are Gone and The Confusion of Languages


"This is not your typical contemporary military diary of battles fought and medals awarded. This is simply an honest and welcomed portrayal of how young men (and women) in the US military are put through the crucible to make leaders out of them. ... I enjoyed this book so much that, so far, I have bought it for my nephew who currently serves and two colleagues at work who have served previously.
I look forward to the movie version, if it can be done true to the author's intent." - D. Lafiosca, Fishers, IN 

"This ambitious, genre-busting hybrid of a novel [Blue Six] marks an intriguing, if somewhat uneven, debut for a promising writer. If you were to take a bit of Joyce's "Portrait of the Artist," a bit of Philip K. Dick's speculative sci-fi, and maybe a dash of today's voyeuristic "reality TV" and tossed them into a blender, the resulting cocktail might taste something like Blue Six. But what makes it "promising" is the sympathy, respect and sense of humanity that the author brings to his portrayal of U.S. soldiers - quite convincingly rendered as a diverse cross-section of ethnic and economic backgrounds - preparing themselves for battle. ... This novel is a complex and odd brew, but Lovell's obviously deep-seated convictions about the value of both callings - artistic and military - make it a genuinely interesting, thought-provoking read." - Anonymous


"I must say I was riveted. It really brought back some memories of my own experiences, and the small details that only someone who went through something similar could understand. I will be recommending this to friends." - Gary D., South Carolina, former U.S. Army officer

"If I were still in a field where I was in command of young officers, I'd make them all read [Blue Six]. [Lovell's] soul-baring approach reflects the depths of where this story originates from, and it contains countless life-lessons that I certainly empathize with. It is a story rich in human experience. It inspires. And also, it entertains." - Ron S., Honolulu, HI

"The protagonist of Blue Six is Joel Duvell, a rookie Lieutenant faced with the unenviable task of stepping into the ranks as a platoon leader of a group of soldiers who are less than pleased with him. However, the masterstroke by the author is to allow the narrator not to be Mr. Duvell, but instead to be a filmmaker who is conducting a documentary on Mr. Duvell for purposes the reader must find out. The brilliance of this is that while the reader begins to gain insight about the character of Mr. Duvell, there is a wall of separation between himself and the reader, due to the fact that it is the filmmaker/narrator of the story who provides us with this perspective on Mr. Duvell. Therefore, while the reader gets to know Mr. Duvell, he never truly gets to know Mr. Duvell, which provides a sense of intrigue about him. In many ways, this technique (if I may be so bold) mirrors Fitzgerald's use of the distant 1st person narrator in The Great Gatsby." - Joe P., New Providence, NJ

"I really enjoyed this book. In particular, the book had good pace and some great lines. I enjoy books about the military, particularly behind the scenes and character development.  I can't recall a military book a with a main character struggling to adapt to his role and admittedly uncomfortable with his circumstance. In case you didn't figure it out, the book is clearly about Mr. Lovell's own experiences (for instance, the main character "Joel Duvell" is an anagram of Jude Lovell). I would be surprised if this book has a sequel, but I think the character has great potential and left readers longing for more." - Brian M., Cincinnati, OH

"I thought the book [Blue Six] was well written. Kept the reader's attention. Interesting insight into the military. Hope there is a sequel." - Shirley C., Jackson, NJ

"Blue Six is unlike anything I've read previously. Let me begin by stating that this isn't typically the genre in which I read. While I did survive army boot camp in the 90's, I'm typically not drawn to military fiction. However, this was a big eye opener for me in regards to US Army officers' training.  The most fascinating part of the novel for me, was the time travel. It was a nice theme throughout the novel as the director from the future dropped tidbits about his life and the logistics of time travel. Also very interesting were the interviews that the director conducted throughout the novel. I enjoyed those sections very much. .... If you are curious about the US Army or the military in general during the 1990's, than this is a fun way to learn about it." - Melissa K., Lehigh Valley, PA



"Obsidian is a whirlwind of fantasy and intrigue that had me from the start and kept me wanting more at the finish.  ... The main character, Gregor, is well drawn and extremely likeable ... I found myself not only routing for Gregor, but many of the other characters as well. In addition, the world of Terranullis, the scene for the novel, is well thought out and easily imagined. Overall, the novel is thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend it to young adults and adults alike. My only qualm is that I have to wait for a sequel that better be coming along soon…" - Melissa K., Lehigh Valley, PA


"I have always read the books my kids read and I have to say I was simply amazed when I read Obsidian. It ranks right up there with some of the best I have ever read!" - Mari C., Forest, VA


"I found myself wishing it didn't end. I hope that there will be more to the story coming." - Isabel B., Davenport, IA


"At the heart of Obsidian is an examination of the bonds of love and loyalty that can draw not only fathers and sons closer together, but also members of different generations within the same family. .... Fans of fantasy and adventure fiction will recognize many of the tropes and hallmarks of the genre – Lovell consciously or unconsciously echoes the work of literary masters such as Tolkien, Lovecraft and Lloyd Alexander, as well as movies such as Time Bandits and The Dark Crystal. But he also builds a world, undergirded by a mythology, that feels believable and lived-in .... And while at first it feels very much like a “guy’s” story, especially with the father-son relationship at its heart (not to mention the monsters and the magic), Lovell skillfully weaves female presence and point of view into the tale in ways that subtly subvert expectations. ....  Lovell leaves the story tantalizingly open-ended, and if enough of us seek out Obsidian and spread the word about this rewarding adventure, perhaps he can be convinced to lead us once more into the black breach." - Anonymous, Easton, MD


"I'm a 14 year old boy and I thought Obsidian was fantastic!! Very entertaining; it kept my interest high the whole way. The book was easy to follow and I liked the 'old legend' and the 'dark weather/cloud'; it built the suspense tremendously. The ending leaves the novel open for a sequel, so hopefully there's one coming soon!! - P. Lambert, Central VA


"Once [Obsidian got going] it grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. I found myself wishing I had more time in the day to devote to reading. The story centers around a young boy and his discovery of a mysterious object and the journey of his life . A coming of age story if you will.  ... Pick this book up, you won't be disappointed." - Mike B., Davenport, IA


"I am really enjoying and marveling at it. It's thoughtful and the characters and scenes are richly and deftly described." - Judge Mike E., U.S. 151st District Court, Bellaire, TX

"There are numerous meaningful messages in this novel, not just for young readers, but for old folks like me. I really enjoyed this book. The author describes events and objects in a way that provokes the reader's imagination." - Ron N., Jackson, NJ

"I'm lovin' the book so far ..... [It] reminds me of the writing of C.S. Lewis. Excellent story and profound meaning." - Maggie O., Brookings, SD

We'll See You When We Get There

"I greatly enjoyed my foray into the variety of these intense stories [in We'll See You When We Get There]. He really captures unique settings, unusual characters, and curiously surprising finales. Highly recommended!" - Joanne L., Lancaster, PA.  Okay, so this is my mother. HA! 

"[We'll See You When We Get There is] the best representation of the diversity, empathy and emotional depth of Lovell's imagination. ... There's a rousing and deftly plotted football story, as exciting as any episode of 'Friday Night Lights' but lacking the pretty Hollywood actors and swelling indie-rock soundtrack. This story is quite an achievement as I happen to know the author never played organized football in his life, nor was privy to the inner workings of collegiate athletics - but it kept me, a lifelong football fan who would smell the fakery from a mile away, nailed to the seat to reach the inspired climax. There is a very dark science fiction tale set in a burnt-out, post-apocalyptic future, and a pair of horror stories - one a succinct vignette, one a far longer and more meandering adventure - that are psychologically interesting and, at times, effectively atmospheric. For me the shorter piece, "Small World: A Pennsylvania Gothic," was more effective as a metaphor for writers who grapple with self-doubt, fears of failing loved ones and the most chilling terror of all for anyone who puts pen to paper for a living: a blank page.  Other terrific stories are "On Top of the World, Except I Really Wanted to be Geddy Lee," "The Beauty and the Broken-Boned" and my personal favorite, "The Races," a note-perfect and heartbreaking exploration of fathers, sons and lost innocence." - Anonymous

Forever Voyaging

"[Lovell's] blending of his own personal trials & tribulations while helping me peek into Melville's mind & soul was powerful. I felt that I was on a voyage. The epilogue is strong. The author uses words in a way that present themselves as pictures. I want some more of his stuff. Outstanding prose. He put his heart into this. It is [about] more than just Melville." - Ron N., Jackson, NJ 



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